Chuck Colson once said that “history teaches us that Movements transform cultures.  God has always done His most powerful work through Movements. The more that people network together and work together, in unity, the greater the impact that Movement will have for God’s glory.”  The cornerstone of every great Movement is a common vision and a constant networking among people.  One of the greatest Movements now taking place in the world today is the spiritual transformation of cities.  Clearly today in Cleveland/NEO, there is a strong Movement of God’s Spirit that is bringing the Church together in accordance with John 17:21-23.  Our prayers and hopes is to see God’s Church continue to walk in faith and obedience and pursue the unity that God has called us to have

-Dr. Joe Ferrini

For me, in my lifetime, I would like to experience the heart of Jesus and his dream about disciples being one, as He and the Father are one.  What greater achievement as leaders could we pursue, in our short years on this earth, than to walk in the fullness of the spirit of unity as wished by our Lord and Savior.  There is one Church, one salvation and one Spirit…my life is dedicated to joining the Lord in this pursuit, His way.

– Jim Surace