At CBMC we strive to encourage individuals to get connected and to stay connected in order to help them grow in their faith. Being strong in faith empowers men to share with others the good news of Jesus Christ in the marketplace and to live godly lives. By fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives, men become a light to those around them by operating at a higher level of moral character and integrity and thus change the world around them. No man can do all of this alone, so join the men of CBMC and make a difference to the men in your business.

Our Goals for the Men in CBMC

  • The Bible:All men consistently hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, meditating upon and applying the Scripture to their lives
  • Prayer:Everyone living a biblical lifestyle of prayer as they grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ
  • Evangelism:The Gospel presented to ever-increasing numbers of non-believing business and professional men and those men surrendering to Christ
  • Discipleship/Leadership:An ever-increasing number of men who are growing to maturity and becoming spiritual reproducers, collaborating effectively in teams
  • Teams:More men of all ages, ethnic, and cultural groups working toward these goals in increasing numbers of communities and cities throughout the nation and world.
    • Cost:Our goals are to be carried out at a cost that continually reflects frugality and good use of talent, time and treasure.

FGBMFI is one of the largest Christian business organizations in the world.  Founded in 1953, we are in 142 nations – meeting in over 7,000 chapters.  Our members and leaders include every race, culture, social status and language.

By God’s grace, we connect people with opportunities to reach out and help others find a better life and work together to build better communities.

We do this by:
Calling people back to God…
there is a better life by following Jesus Christ.

Promoting integrity and good character…
being a reflection of God to our world.

Participating in God’s good work…
releasing gifts, talents and resources to help others.

Working together to build better cities & nations…
impacting our leaders and our culture.

Taking the message of God’s love to every family…
a true grass roots effort that is changing the world.

FGBMFI – Cleveland
Meeting Location: Brooklyn Heights Party Center
2005 W. Schaaf Rd.
Brooklyn Heights, OH
Phone: +1 440 878 1456