Complete Unity.

That’s the vision of Jesus Christ for us as Church. In the passage from John 17, Jesus prays for all believers that each may have a oneness with the Lord and – together – all believers will be one in the mind – and heart – and service of Christ.

John 17 NEO  is an expression of many believers who are working together to strengthen the bonds of unity among the community of believers. It is also a resource to help us work better together to build up the Body of Christ and continue the work and mission that Jesus entrusted to our care.

The need for unity is clearly the vision of Christ. It also is greatly needed in order for us to address the challenges of our times.

May God bless our efforts to unite together as the Church and build a better, more peaceful and just world for all.

We Are the Church Sermon Bulletin

Core Leadership Team

Jake Bihari

William Boomer

Allen Bryant

Carmella Bryant

Dave Cook

Cindi Ferrini

Dr. Joe Ferrini

Pete Formica

Ana Garcia

Tom Hare

Father Joseph Hilinski

Pastor Larry Macon, Jr.

Sam Lombardo

Pastor Omar Medina

Anthony John Miranda

Wayne Morgret

Vatriesha Nyemba

Sue Radke

Catherine Rainey

Gail Reese

Dave Rossiter

William Ryan

Pastor Vontayne Smith

Jerry Stark

Father Bob Stec

Jim Surace

Brian Upton

Pastor Juan Vargas

Steve Witt

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